Desert Legends Spins

Max Win Gaming welcomes you to Desert Legends Spins – a journey of luck and sand!
There is a legend among wanderers about a magical oasis of unknown origin! On a very specific location –the Sun God Re personally blessed and enchanted a rare breed of scarab beetles with great powers! Those scarabs can provide infinite riches, pleasures and even eternal life to their founder! A very dangerous path through the desert must be taken… Under the scorching sun, every drop of willpower will be challenged before the desert mirages and secret passages reveal the holy site! But once there – one will smile for eternity! Mystery symbols and adjacent pays will guide you through the sandstorms! Desert Legends Spins is a relatively less volatile slot game but also has its own breath-taking moments when scarabs appear, and symbols are spinning!
Enjoy and Celebrate!

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Max Win


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10 Lines


Jul 4, 2023

Release Date
  • game name
    Desert Legends Spins
  • game type
  • game Provider
    Max Win Gaming
  • Features
    Mystery Coins, Adjacent Pay
  • Platforms
    Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, iOS/Android Apps, Mini Games
  • languages
  • This game is approved by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain and the Malta Gaming Authority.
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