Gold Mine Mistress

Unearth treasures and join the diligent Dwarves in Red Tiger’s Gold Mine Mistress!

Spin through Work Shifts numbered 1 to 8, displayed on a counter above the reels. Your quest begins as you dig for Golden Nuggets on the 3rd reel, unlocking the treasure trove and summoning the majestic Mistress Wild. As the 8th spin approaches, brace yourself for the rush of striking gold, with a guaranteed win awaiting or the option to keep spinning until your victory glistens like precious ore! If you’ve gathered any Golden Nuggets, on the 8th spin, the Mistress Wild emerges in various sizes and win multipliers.

Unlock unlimited Free Spins by landing the Apple on reel 5 during the 8th spin. During this bonus round, the Mistress Wild may appear in all her base game variations, gracing any of the middle 3 reels and working her multiplier magic. But beware of the Apple’s venomous path, as Free Spins come to an end when a Mistress Wild lands on the poisonous Apple.

Join the Dwarves in this mining spree and uncover the enchantment that awaits

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coming soon


Hit Rate


Max Win


Reels x

20 Lines


Apr 30, 2024

Release Date
  • game name
    Gold Mine Mistress
  • game type
  • game Provider
    Red Tiger
  • Features
    Golden Nuggets, Mistress Wild, Free Spins
  • Platforms
    Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, iOS/Android Apps, Mini Games
  • languages
  • This game is approved by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain and the Malta Gaming Authority.
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